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Lynsey is an amazing Personal Trainer. After having my second baby I was in a lot of pain and feeling weak. Lynsey recommend a specialist postnatal physical therapist who I seen by before I stared working with her. Progress was slow to start with but 6 weeks in I felt 5cm taller and a lot of my aches and pains were reduced. After 3 months I was pain free, lifting 40kgs and fitting into my pre-baby clothes again. Lynsey is such good company and the whole experience has been super fun! Her session are the highlight of my week. Thanks Lynsey

Lynsey is amazing. The classes are fun and catered for all postpartum bodies. I started at 9 weeks postpartum and went through to 5 months and it was perfect the whole way through. Would highly recommend. It's also a great way to meet other mums!

Getting to work with Lynsey was a total highlight of my 2021, and continues to be a great part of my week. She has been incredibly thoughtful about helping me adapt exercises around some mild musculo-skeletal issues that I have and the result is that I'm building strength much, much more quickly than I've done from training in the past. She also tolerates me talking constantly throughout our sessions, demonstrating super-human levels of patience....

Emma Hayes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really enjoyed BuggyFit. It was a great way to ease back into exercise after having a baby. Lynsey is very knowledgeable and gives specialist advice to deal with individual post pregnancy issues. It was lots of fun and a lovely friendly bunch of people who often went for coffee and chats after the session. Highly recommended!

I have been doing sessions with Lynsey for over a year and she has been brilliant. She has helped me become someone that is both able to lift weights, and enjoy it! She created a programme to strengthen my lower and upper back after a long illness. Through steady work and slow increase in weights I am now stronger than I’ve ever been. Twice weekly sessions, and a programme at home to work on stretches and some other exercises, I’ve felt supported and guided. Lynsey is always there to answer questions. She is great at pushing me when I need but is also able to adapt sessions and listens to me, and what my body is capable of, in each session. Each session is fun, structured and designed to push me to new PBs or goals and I always end up feeling really positive. Lynsey also helped with nutrition guidance to help me lose the weight in a healthy way. I really couldn't recommend her more!

I started with Lynsey 8 weeks after I had my little one and I couldn't be more thankful for the recommendations, and exercise adaptations she always provides to fit my body needs. Lynsey is the only PT I have had that actually listens to my old and various injuries. She works exactly on the areas that need attention, watching for my posture and making sure I am challenged enough without hurting my self. If you are ready to work hard with Lynsey, she will guarantee a fun and productive session. Every step counts!!

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